Скора будемо літати

Currently we are certified to fly drones commercially under FAA part. 107. Soon in the fall we will be certified to fly commercially FAA part. 91 with aircraft which allows us to do more. Later on during the summer, if the aircraft is provided we will be certified to give flight instruction for "Private Pilot."


Contracts [WINTER 2018]

With this plan, you may select from the following what job you would like to get done. 

-Ferry flights

-Bird chasing

-Aerial photography or survey

-Power-line or pipeline patrol                                    *Only available by contract.


Flight Instruction [Summer 2019]

This is plan just includes the instruction rate. This doesn't include other flight fees such as aircraft rental, fuel, maintenance, etc. Usually this plan is for pilots with their own aircraft, and for those without, you may receive our instruction through a local flight school (TBD) at Chicago Executive Airport.

Qualified to instruct;

-Private Pilot

Наші Літаки


Цесна 172N

Chicago Executive Airport