We strive to be the most affordable option.

We try to give the most accurate quote, but cannot guarantee exact numbers until the flight is done.



We ask for how much the aircraft burns per hour to get an estimate of how much it would approximately cost to fly the route given. If the trip requires multiple legs, we try to land at airports with the cheapest fuel price at the time.

Airport facility | FBO fees

This always depends on the route of the trip, but most airports have some fees associated. Most of the time these fees will only be an overnight charge or a ramp fee. This occurs when the airplane is parked on their ramp (usually waived if fuel is purchased) or when it stays overnight.


Pilot REPOSITIONING and hotels

Our team of experienced pilots are based in the Midwest (Southern Illinois). This will include the airfare from STL to the departure point, rental car fees, and hotels if the trip is long requiring more than one day delivery.

Pilot service fee

The pilot fee is to adequately compensate our professional pilot for their time. This is a flat rate fee, assessed for everyday the pilot spends working for the trip.

Single Engine: $200/day

Multi Engine: $300/day