Who Are We?

So far this company is solely operated by Maksym. The company is currently at its infancy, however we are looking into hiring drone operators and pilots to grow and expand our company.


mAksym medvid

I'm the creator and pilot for this site. I created it back in 2009 and just last year started to make steps to transform this site into a small aviation related business. 

I originated from Kyiv, Ukraine and immigrated to the United States a year after birth and lived in Chicago ever since. Started my Private Pilot training in 2013 and received the certificate in summer 2017. With that certificate I also was certified for part. 107 to fly UAS commercially as well. Current goals are to become a commercial pilot by fall 2018 and an instructor by summer of next year. I plan on growing the company by also including services with aircraft instead of just drones.